How businesses work together, source local goods and materials, and strategically engage their immediate community is becoming increasingly important. New investments in areas spanning from real estate to manufacturing often incorporate place-based solutions in planning, building and retaining community.

The impact of COVID, trade policies, environmental concerns, and recent technological advances are coalescing behind shorter, more sustainable supply chains. As global supply chains regionalize, businesses that can access viable, mature place-based models stand to benefit.

The Pull.City platform is engineered from the ground-up for this new climate; an indispensable tool for business, a powerful administrator for the community partner.

We are located at New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Pull.City is an initiative of Uncommon Union that evolved from COVID-response work.

Our Team

Technical & Community Expertise

CEO and Founder
Paul Rene Johnson is a creative entrepreneur and developer that has built multiple SaaS platforms for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. Paul’s experience spans FinTech, eCommerce, Industrial Procurement / ERP systems, and AdTech — at every step of the product development process.
CTO and Founder
Marc Johnson is a software engineer and architect with expertise in artificial intelligence and distributed architecture at scale. Marc has contributed to several patents including cloud-based storage systems and artificial intelligence inventions.
CMO and Founder
Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown is a pioneer in developing strategic communications combining economic development and community engagement. Elizabeth’s experience spans commercial and humanitarian sectors, including high level international and domestic campaign management.